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Driveways sink for a number of reasons. The first being that the area has not been dug out deep enough, sometimes the dolomite may be the incorrect type, the sand may be the incorrect type or too deep, the edges and front not kerbed or have enough concrete to hold everything in place, or finally it has not been whacked enough times or the whacker is too lightweight.

If the area is done correctly the weeds don’t come from underneath as there is too much aggregates to let water or sunlight through which weeds need to grow. Infact, they are brough by bird droppings or wind and bed in the joints of the dry kiln sand. Weeds shouldn’t be seen for the first 3-4 years.

We usually tell customers to leave it alone for a couple of weeks, no excess water and let the rain clean it. After that it should be fine. After 3 years go out 1 day a year and give it a good wash and brush to clean and replenish the dry kiln sand.

We are hard working and as punctual as possible, arrive on time and get in and out A.S.A.P. to minimise disruption and nuisance to yourselves and neighbours.

We have undertaken many contracts in Plymouth and beyond and will provide you with a list of drives to view locally with your estimate.

As soon as the concrete sets, 36-72 hours. If no concrete is needed i.e. wall-wall, then immediately.

Planning permission is not usually necessary, as long as the surface water soaks into our own land, i.e. lawn, gravel or goes into your own drains. Neither if your area has been hardscaped previously. If the water is heading for the public drains (adding to flooding problems) then the council may need contacting and the permeable option looked at. Different councils have different options.

Yes, all our work is guaranteed for 10 years against spreading or sinking.

No, every contract is only to be paid after completion when full customer satisfaction is achieved.

We work all year around and the British weather can make it very testing. Heavy rain, snow and severe frosts can cuse a halt to work.

As soon as the concrete sets, 36-72 hours. If no concrete is needed i.e. wall-wall, then immediately.

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